The top transformation issues and how to solve them

Peter Measey
Peter Measey

Session Type: Workshop

Track: Transformation and Leadership

Host: Peter Measey 

In this session, Peter, will draw on his vast management experience, international Agile transformation consultancy experience, and 20 years experience as CEO of Radtac to discuss the top transformation issues that he typically encounters in organisations; and how many of those organisations have addressed solving the issues.

In this session, we will endeavour to cover as many key issues as possible, including:

Enabling Agile Business Transformation not just Agile within IT

Measuring the Return on Investment of business transformation

Agile leadership – do we have what it takes to lead an Agile transformation

Why Agile is failing in many organisations

Shaping Agile contracts

The session will be a combination of short presentations highlighting the issues and solutions, followed by roundtable discussions.

Radtac are also offering 3 months free access to our brilliant “Agile Foundations” e-learning portfolio for all attendees at Peter’s talk.

After 15 years performing many IT related roles, Peter evolved into an Agile Business Transformation consultant and trainer in 1994.

Since then he has led, and been involved in, some of the largest and most complex Agile transformation programmes in the world.

He is the ex-CEO, and currently the Chairman of Radtac (, the worldwide leading international Agile services company.

Peter was the lead author and editor of the British Computer Societies’ “Agile Foundations – principles, practices and frameworks’”, published in 2015.

He is an Agile thought leader and an engaging, thought provoking and motivating international speaker on the subject of Agile business transformation.