The Line Manager – Linchpins of Change

Ketan Patel
Ketan Patel

Session Type: Roundtable

Host: Ket Patel

Senior leaders depend on highly engaged line managers to keep day to day operations running smoothly. But what happens when the business wants to change? Those line managers must keep a foot on the accelerator whilst changing the tyres and keeping the passengers safe.

That seems like an impossible task, yet leaders wanting change have to make it achievable otherwise all change is destined fail. Making change happen, and sustaining it beyond the lifecycle of the initiative, can only occur when line managers clearly understand why change is necessary and are empowered to shape the delivery. Recognising they are the linchpins in the delivery of change is the first step to making change possible.

This round table discussion will explore what it means to support and coach line managers to deliver a workforce more Agile and resilient to change and increase the likelihood of success in execution.

Ket is a certified Change Practitioner with over a decade of hands-on experience leading change and transformation activities. Having led several large-scale transformations, driven through M&A, he has a vast array of experience cutting across all business disciplines and activities with specialisms in Data Analytics, Business Operations and Technology.

He is the London Lead of the Change Management Institute, an organisation dedicated to promoting best practice in the delivery of change. Working with the likes of Google, HSBC and ATOS Consulting he has led numerous events exploring topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Benefits Management and Digital Transformation.