Introducing our Speakers and Programme Team for 2019

We’re delighted to bring you a great line up of speakers, workshop presenters, agile tool session hosts and facilitators. Keep an eye on this page as more speakers will soon be announced…


John Williams

CEO of the Agile Business Consortium

Evan Leybourn

President of the Business Agility Institute


Lisa Smith

Agile Leader and former Executive at Duke Energy


Anna Urbaniak

Agile and Lean Transformation Coach

Maryam Umar

Head of Quality Assurance, Caplin Systems

Gabrielle Patrick

Head of Delivery Optimisation, Deutsche Bank

David Kershaw head shot

David Kershaw

Complex Procurement Delivery Lead


Daniel Terhorst-North

Principal at Dan North & Associates

Nick Bird head shot

Nick Bird

Owner of Successful CRM and Agile Enthusiast

Belinda Waldock Head shot

Belinda Waldock

Agile Consultant, Author and Qualified Business Coach

Bjarte Bogsnes head shot

Bjarte Bogsnes

Senior Advisor Performance Framework at Equinor, Chair Beyond Budgeting Roundtable


Pam Ashby

Facilitator Coordinator Communications Strategist & Agile Marketing Activist

Adrian Proszczuk

B2P and DTC Portfolio Manager at Diehl Controls

Adina Tarry

AI Strategist & Coach, Business Psychologist, Author, Speaker, Visiting Lecturer

Adam Mitchell

Lead Solutions Developer at Anglia Ruskin University


Ranjit Sidhu head shot

Ranjit Sidhu

Agile Transformation Specialist

Kathy Berkidge head hot

Kathy Berkidge

Agile Coach, Trainer and Mindfulness Teacher

Fiona Timms

Metric, Measurement & Control, COO, Group Transformation

Philippe Guenet head shot

Philippe Guenet

Systemic Coach (ORSC), Complexity & Systems Thinker, Delivery Manager


Serhiy Kovela head shot

Dr. Serhiy Kovela

Senior Lecturer Kingston University

Iwona Winiarska head shot

Iwona Winiarska

Agile Delivery Manager at Automation Logic

Stephen Morris Head shot

Stephen Morris

Agile Facilitator and Consultant


Chris Holt Head Shot

Chris Holt

Project Management Consultant

Sriharsha B Head shot

Sriharsha B

Agile Care Taker

Chris Hearson Head Shot

Chris Hearson

Agile and Scrum Coach and Trainer