Scrum is all you need

Session Type: Roundtable

Host: Ian Mitchel and John Sweet

Scrum has been around for over 20 years and over 84% of all Agile implementations have Scrum. Most of the Scaled Agile methods have Scrum as a basis. Its however fascinating to see how many organisations are yet to reap full benefits of doing Scrum right. As simple as Scrum might sound, doing it well require discipline and rigor. 

In this session we shall discuss drivers for scaling. Is the only option to look at Less, SAFe or another of the large enterprise frameworks? Does bigger always mean better or quicker? Perhaps Scrum is all you need?  

Ian is an agile transformation consultant and accredited Professional Scrum Trainer. The author of “Agile Development in Practice”, Ian’s experience in iterative and incremental delivery began with a PhD on object-oriented rapid prototyping in 1997. He has a particular focus on evidence-based enterprise transformation and is the curator of a related site, A Scrum advocate and accredited Level III Professional Scrum Master, he maintains a blog of his practical experiences on and is a veteran member of the forums.

John is passionate about people and cultures and, in particular, how you bring individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences together to work effectively as teams. As someone with a lifetime working in IT this has drawn him towards agile philosophies as the best way of delivering successful IT outcomes with diverse groups of people. He is also involved with encouraging young people to take up STEM subjects and helps run a car club for obscure French sports cars.