PMO – Business Agility Hero!

John McIntyre
John McIntyre

Session: Roundtable

Host: John McIntyre

It seems like only yesterday when the Project Management Office was little more than a secretariat function. Oh, how times have changed! As businesses embrace Agile delivery practices and Business Agility, the PMO has been reinvented as a strategic function that enables businesses to deliver measurable and powerful results with ever shorter feedback loops.

In this interactive and lively roundtable session, we’ll be exploring what it means for PMOs to be Business Agility Heros and how they can act as a catalyst for the business they operate in.

John is the Head of PMO and Projects at Ticketmaster UK. He has over 18 years’ experience helping organisations deliver projects and programmes that deliver business outcomes. With real-world experience of project management in the trenches and the breadth of knowledge that comes with an MBA from the UK’s leading Business School, he’s a passionate advocate of the PMO’s role as a business catalyst and agent for Business Agility. John Blogs regularly at