Lean Governance of Agile Digital Service Delivery Projects


Session Type: Workshop

Track: Digital Services

Host: Roly Stimson

A hands-on session to evolve a shared understanding of governance needs and policies for Agile service delivery Description

Truly Agile lifecycles, based on collaborative discovery, validated learning, user-centred design and user-experience prototyping are being deployed across public and private sectors to deliver and evolve digital services of unprecedented scale and complexity.

Everyone agrees on the need for good governance across such lifecycles, to ensure that return-on-investment is maximised and that money is not wasted on inappropriate initiatives. But there is currently little shared understanding of how to achieve this without adversely impacting agility.

This session uses the widely-adopted Government Digital Services “Discovery, Alpha, Beta, Live, retire” lifecycle and the OMG Essence standard as reference models to explore governance options and candidate policies and checks to guide and control incremental investment in progressing Agile digital service delivery initiatives.

Attendees will explore how to:

  • Govern progress through the phases of an Agile lifecycle
  • Frame lean governance checks to guide these progressions
  • Meet compliance and assurance needs without impacting agility

Roly is an IT consultant with more than 30 years’ experience in applying software methods to complex development challenges. For the last 15 years, Roly has been involved with iterative, incremental, lean and Agile methods. He has contributed to the development of IJI’s kernel-based EssUP practices, SEMAT’s OMG Essence standard, and IJI’s Essence-based Agile Essentials and Agile at Scale practices.