Is SAFe a silver bullet

Session Type: Roundtable

Host: Stephen Giles and Kevin Reynolds

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is one of the most popular scaled methods out in the industry. There are, however, polarized views on its ability to resolve all of the organizational challenges. On one hand, SAFe can be seen as an all-encompassing framework leading to Agility across the organization; whilst on the other hand, there is an argument that such sweeping frameworks can give a false sense of security while not being truly Agile.   

 In this roundtable, we shall discuss reasons for SAFe popularity; what does it mean to adopt SAFe, and to adopt SAFe successfully. 

Stephen has over 20 years management and design experience in software and hardware environments. He is a leading Managing Consultant at TCS, focused on coaching, Agile transformation and behavioural change effectiveness. He is currently working on a large global professional services transformation actively supporting their journey towards scaled delivery.

Coming from the automotive and motorsport industries where “standing still means going backwards”, Kevin fell into IT by accident 20 years ago.  Starting out in EDS as a programmer, he quickly found a home in their EMEA team for quality and process improvement focussed on CMMi.  Moving on to TCS as a consultant 10 years ago brought Kevin into the Agile world which was familiar to how motorsport works, while also getting involved in Project Portfolio Management.  He is a SAFe SPC4, and is currently engaged on a global Agile transformation programme with SAFe as guidance.