Ideas to Production, Safely in a Day

Paul Shepheard
Paul Shepheard

Presenter: Paul Shepheard

Track: Transformation and Leadership

Session Type: Presentation

The talk aims to share Deutsche Bank’s ongoing journey to address two seemingly competing business drivers – increased control and increased agility. Describing how DB is evolving its approach to how technology risk is managed; from a starting point of lengthy, often manual processes to a world of business agility enabled by continuous automated compliance.

Some of the topics discussed will be:

  • What is control at a bank
  • How change is traditionally governed in finance
  • How to start the lengthy process of cultural change
  • Make the right thing also the easy thing (eliminate, simplify, automate)
  • The importance of automation
  • Describing maturity across the enterprise
  • Cloud infrastructure and the power of homogeneity
  • It’s not just about change (how your operating processes impact your changes processes)

Paul Shepheard is Head of Development Engineering at Deutsche Bank. Paul has been “at the keyboard” since he was tall enough to reach it, but studied Music rather than Engineering before returning to programming when it was time to choose a career. Paul has worked in Financial Services for the majority of his 20-year career, working to drive business agility in an environment where control and regulatory compliance are paramount. His current role brings together all of these elements, looking at how contemporary engineering disciplines and architectural patterns can be used to increase agility, control and quality in tandem.