Global Trends on Retail Supply Chains

Patrick Dixon

Presenter: Patrick Dixon

Track: Culture and Leadership / Strategy and Transformation / Digital Services

Session Type: Keynote

Six Faces of the Future form the shape of a spinning cube, and also spell the word FUTURE – each of which will have an impact on supply chains over the next 10-20 years. Small things which have huge impact for very low cost, will create magic for customers – the key is identifying what those are.

Fast: In uncertain times, we need Agile strategies and Agile packaging which can adapt almost in real-time to changing events and ever-more complex requirements. For example, a promotion with special offers being adapted every few days to customer responses, printed on presentation boxes as they leave the factory. Why consumers will become more impatient – the truth about robots as well as drones and digital supply chain tools.

Urban: Demographics will be the biggest single predictor of future demand.  Be ready for some surprises.

Tribal: Every brand forms a tribe and every customer group is a tribe – that means even more packaging customisation.  Niche marketing is the future rather than shouting the same messages at everyone.  Tribes are as local as the street where you live or shop, so location-based marketing will boom, including packaging which is designed for one tiny area.

Universal: Expect huge waves of scale, consolidation and automation across retail globally. In the EU, it is already the case that 50% of all retail spending is with just 10 companies – in the UK 70% with just 7.  At the same time, the number of niche suppliers will grow, each appealing to smaller groups.  Expect more shared warehousing, and supply chain integrations.

Radical: Expect new retail models – for example omnichannel customer expectations will continue to change dramatically – with huge shifts to even faster delivery in many cities, expanding one-hour online service to home or office.

Ethical:  Sustainability, efficient use of time and resources, environmentally friendly packaging and a host of other issues will affect the industry.

Patrick Dixon

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