Adapting a traditional TV business to the digital consumer







Presenter: Jai Whiting

Jai is a digital marketing professional with over 15 years’ experience working across financial and professional services, media, advertising and retail.

During his time working in both B2B and B2C roles, Jai has enabled companies to reposition their services online and develop new revenue channels.

He is Head of Digital and E-Commerce at JML, a consumer goods brand and multi-channel retailer. JML products are sold in over 80 countries, with a product sold every two seconds. Jai oversees JML’s e-commerce platforms and leads on steering the company’s digital strategy.

Track: Digital Services

Session Type: Presentation

Media and sales channels are constantly evolving, but does this necessarily mean that the principles behind the old models are irrelevant?

Are businesses too quick to insist on starting from a blank canvas when developing their digital offerings and inadvertently abandoning fundamentals that could be carried over to new channels?

Jai shares how JML has taken the core principles of their innovative and long-standing DRTV model and adapted it into an effective digital offering.