Digital Product Delivery Model at John Lewis

Session Type: Presentation

Track: Digital Services

Hosts: Christine Hull and Anna Urbaniak

The digital age presents traditional retailers with big challenges, as the competition is no longer just other department stores. To address this, John Lewis has been on a journey to becoming a digital business that can respond to market trends and customer needs quickly. In this talk, we will share our journey towards organisational agility and what we have learnt while transitioning from delivering projects to running a fully productised delivery model. We will share with you how changing our planning cycle from annual to quarterly exposed the constraints in our working practices, how they impact our workflow, and what we are doing about it. We will discuss our experience of scaling and what metrics we are using to know we are traveling in the right direction.

Christine is Head of Product for the online division, and is accountable for delivering inspiring customer experiences across all digital touchpoints. Sponsoring the productised ways of working across John Lewis Digital, she works with senior management to identify strategic goals for the organisation that can be enabled by the digital product team. She is introducing lean methodology to the wider organisation, focusing on setting strategic goals, prioritisation of work and lean Portfolio Management.

Anna has been working with John Lewis for over two years as a coach and Lean Programme Lead to introduce and implement Agile and lean methods into John Lewis digital ways of working. Anna led the transition from delivering project to productised delivery model and lean programme management methodology across John Lewis Digital.