Defining the Minimum Viable Organisation

Session Type: Roundtable

Host: Jeremy Renwick and High Ivory

In this roundtable, Jeremy and Hugh will share their perspectives on how a Minimum Viable Organisation could be constituted based on their real-world experiences of business transformation in the public and private sectors.

Hugh Ivory

This discussion will explore what new structures will constitute the Minimum Viable Organisation and leaders can harness these to enable and empower people.

Jeremy has been part of and led teams that deliver technology-enabled business change for over 30 years; from the world’s first electronic banking system to the digital transformation of criminal justice in England and Wales.  

He founded Agilesphere in 2013 with the vision to build a long-lived truly Agile consultancy that helps organisations with their Agile/Digital transformation and provides a platform for Agile people to realise their value.