Creating Systems-inspired Leaders and Teams

Ann Rod

Presenters: Anne Rød and Nairy McMahon

Anne Rød is an international management consultant and executive team coach, who develops and delivers team development and leadership programs for global organisations. Prior to becoming a consultant, she held senior management positions in business and academia for more than 20 years, both in the UK and Norway. She has published numerous books and papers on organisational and strategic communication, organisational change, Relationship Systems Intelligence, as well as on intercultural competence. As senior faculty member with CRR Global, spearheading Relationship System Intelligence training in organisations and management teams around the world, Anne is also a highly experienced facilitator and keynote speaker.

She is the co-author of newly launched Creating Intelligent Teams, the first book to be written about Relationship Systems Intelligence. Anne holds a Master’s degree from the Universities of Sunderland and Lancaster in the UK, and has three certifications in coaching (NLP, CTI and CRR), from both the Coaches Training Institute in the USA, and from CRR Global. She is presently taking her doctorate at University of Bedfordshire, UK on systemic change in organisations.

Nairy McMahon

Nairy McMahon is the owner and Director of CRR UK and Radial Change Ltd is its trading entity and represents the consulting side of the business.

Prior to setting up CRR UK, Nairy held the role of CRR Globals’ UK Head of Business Development. She became the UK Partner for Radial Change Ltd in August 2015. She manages the client engagement process, coordinates the allocation of the suitable ORSC™ practitioners to the client’s projects and oversees the overall program design and implementation. She is an ORSC practitioner herself and is involved in the delivery process.

Nairy combines her love of ORSC philosophy and principles with an excellent track record in developing creative enterprises.

With the advancement of technologies, our 21st century lives are becoming faster and vaster than ever before. As leaders, we are navigating more and more in the realms of uncertainty, ambiguity and volatility, and with our global roles and reach, we are operating in multicultural and diverse arenas as part of our norm.

A New Way

Whilst our old leadership, team and organisational skills got us to where we are today, we now need to develop additional skillsets and mindset to enable us to thrive in this dynamic world. We need to be equipping our leaders and teams of today to be the leaders and teams of tomorrow.

We need awake, aware and Agile leaders and teams who can span from local to global: we need systems-inspired leaders and teams who transcend beyond emotional and social intelligence and develop the powerful lens of Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™).

ORSC Skills & Tools

We have in-depth experience working with leaders and organisations transitioning these changes, we believe ORSC skills are pivotal. If you believe this too, or are curious to explore and learn, come and join us for a two-hour session to unravel further the power of systems-inspired leadership and intelligent teams.

Join our experts Anne Rød (Co-author of Creating Intelligent Teams, Keynote Speaker, Academic, Intercultural & Team Coach and Consultant) and Nairy McMahon (Business Developer, Leadership and Team Coach) in this highly interactive and fun workshop where you will experience and learn a practical tool that you can use with your teams immediately, supporting you in offering a fresh and effective approach to working with change.