Creating Intelligent Change

Ann Rod

Presenter: Anne Rod

It is time to reframe change and seriously examine how to navigate the constant flow of impulses and activities which are impacting our teams, organisations and life in general.

Our business logic today is based on individually focused management style, centred on command, control and measurement.

We are not getting the best out of our people and/or our resources. We cannot rule nor innovate on a diet of fear and control. The challenges we are facing are too complex to leave it up to a few people alone to solve.

We need to create environments and a language where intelligent teams can be created and sustained, allowing us to tap into the immense resources and intelligence that exists before our very eyes. It is time to take a leap from modernist ideas with one strong leader at the helm, to engaging the talent and expertise that is readily available in teams and organisations, and to harness this potential through empowerment and engagement.

Take-aways from the workshop include:

1) An introduction to Relationship Systems Intelligence

2) Creating intelligent teams that can navigate change

3) How to create successful change

4) What happens in a change process

5) Navigating intelligent change