Creating an innovative culture – using Mindfulness to survive a VUCA word

Kathy Berkidge

Presenter: Kathy G. Berkidge

Track: People and Culture

Title:  Mindful Agile – How mindfulness enables the Agile mindset

Session Type: Workshop

Are you trying to build an awesome Agile culture but struggling to collaborate effectively with your teams and stakeholders? Unsure whether the decisions you make are the best to deliver real customer value, while their demands constantly change?

This workshop will help you deeply understand the Agile mindset, the true intention of the Agile manifesto, and how mindfulness is a key ingredient that enables that mindset. Mindfulness allows you to better empathise with your customers to deliver products and services that they love. Through mindfulness, you will think more clearly resulting in increased creativity and better decision making. You will gain practical experience and understanding of why mindfulness is the essential skill for building an effective Agile culture.

Title: Creating an innovative culture – using Mindfulness to survive a VUCA word

Session Type: Roundtable

The future is unpredictable. Complexity rules. Today’s organisations must survive in a world of constant volatility and uncertainty. More and more emphasis is placed on innovation to survive in these uncertain times. It’s the Agile mindset that enables teams, and organisations, to deliver innovative solutions that not only meet customer expectations, but exceed them. Teams that work well together are better enabled to find better ways to solve our businesses’ and customers’ problems in new and creative ways, which deliver true value.

When our minds are disturbed with hundreds of thoughts, bombarded with stress and emotions, our brains simply cannot be creative or collaborate effectively. This interactive session will discuss why mindfulness is an essential skill that enables effortless collaboration and creative thinking that lead to more innovative solutions.

With a background in software development, Kathy has over 25 years of experience in I.T. working, with teams to deliver software and process improvements for organisations both large and small. As a mindfulness practitioner, Kathy is passionate about seeing people, teams and organisations succeed and thrive within an environment of collaboration and harmony. Kathy works with organisations to implement mindfulness practices that provide benefits to individuals, as well as teams, that result in innovative solutions and increased customer value. In addition, Kathy has worked with many Agile teams, delivering Agile training courses, coaching and consulting.

In addition, Kathy will give a special “Mindful Agile” one-day workshop on Friday 6 October in Bishopsgate Court, 4-12 Norton Folate. Learn how mindfulness enables the Agile mindset and creates a collaborative culture. Read More