Business Agility – The E.ON Experience

Sebastien Bonicel

Presenters: Dave White and Sebastien Bonicel

Session Type: Presentation

Session Length: 40 Minutes

E.ON is one of the major public utility companies in Europe and the world’s largest investor-owned energy service provider. Operating in over 30 countries and serving more than 33 million customers they began a transformation towards agility several years ago. 

Dave White
Dave White

Two pioneers facilitating this journey are Dave White and Sebastien Bonicel who, in their illuminating keynote, will talk about the corporate blockers to agility and how they are tackling these.  They will introduce their approach to scaling Agile, the lessons learned along the way and what they plan to experiment with next in this multinational utility company.  The emphasis throughout will be on business agility.

Sebastien has a background in Business and Systems Analysis as well as leading teams. He has worked in multiple regions and cultures and joined the Agile Revolution in 2010. Since then he has worked as a Scrum Master, trainer and coach.

Dave is an ex-developer and a recovering Project Manager. He has worked for both start-ups and large corporations in an IT career spanning 30 years and several continents. He worked with RAD in the 1990s and has been involved with Agile since the early 2000s working as a Scrum Master, Coach and Change Agent.