Beyond Software Development – How to apply lessons from softdev to totally different activities

Session Type: Roundtable

Hosts: Ric Hill

During this session, we will share experiences of how Agile practices have been learnt in more traditional environments, in particular software development, and translated into other teams and business areas.  We will also discuss specific challenges that those in the group face, and consider how they could be solved by applying Agile techniques learnt somewhere else.

The goal of the session is knowledge sharing and mutual support, so please come ready to help, challenge and contribute to a lively discussion!

Ric is the CEO of Ghyston, a Bristol-based software house. Ric has been an Agile evangelist for around 10 years. He first gained exposure to Agile practices as a software developer and project manager, later going on to mentor others in Agile software development practices.  In more recent years he’s taken those Agile principles into all other areas of the business, from sales and marketing to finance and purchasing.