Beyond Budgeting

Steve Morlidge

Presenter: Dr Steve Morlidge

Steve Morlidge has 30 years of practical experience in designing and running performance management systems in Unilever, including three years as the lead of a global change project. He is a former chairman of the European Beyond Budgeting Round Table and now works as a management thinker, writer and speaker, drawing on his years of experience at the leading edge of performance management thought and practice.

He is a visiting fellow at Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, UK and has a PhD from Hull Business School in Yorkshire, UK, focusing on the application of systems concepts to the design of complex organisations. He completed his BA with honors, and he is a qualified management accountant (CIMA).

Track: Transformation and Leadership

Session Type: Presentation

Steve will be talking about the Beyond Budgeting model and how moving away from traditional methods of financial planning anchored on the financial year promotes agility and is enabled by new approaches to structure, lead and govern organisations.

Session Type: Workshop and Roundtable

What is Beyond Budgeting?

Everyone knows about budgeting but few have heard of “Beyond Budgeting”, a radical alternative vision that promises an Agile business built on adaptive processes and distributed control and leadership principles.

In this workshop, Steve will share his perspective of what Beyond Budgeting is, based on 20 years practical experience of running financial planning processes in a major multinational, and nearly the same length of time researching Beyond Budgeting and helping businesses implement it.

You will learn:

  • How Beyond Budgeting provides a new operating system for businesses
  • Why it works
  • Its business benefits
  • What it ‘looks like’ in practice based on a case study