Applying Agile more generally to Business Improvement

Session Type: Roundtable

Host: James Dwan and Vince Grant

Agile has its roots in Software Development and IT, however its principles are equally applicable to other types of projects and improvement. In this session we will consider such examples and explore how (more generally) business improvement and transformation can be accelerated through applying lessons and learnings from Agile’s roots. We will also discuss the impact of Agile on the culture of improvement.

James Dwan:    Senior Partner at Catalyst. For the past 13 years, James has worked within the coding and marking industry occupying several senior roles including Software Development Manager, New Product Development Programme Manager, Strategy Deployment Manager and Program Office Global Leader.  Has been an Agile coach and practitioner since 2001 and a Lean practitioner since 2004, uncovering innovative ways to combine traditional Agile and Continuous Improvement approaches to accelerate results and increase business transformation effectiveness.

Vince Grant: Chairman and Finance Director (and co-founder) of Catalyst. For past 20 plus years has trained and consulted in Business Excellence and Transformation with a particular focus on organisational processes. Has assisted many leading global organisations. Co-author of ‘LSS Business Transformation for Dummies’ published by Wileys. Previously held senior roles at Hewlett-Packard, and in the Cable & Wireless Group in the UK and overseas. Holds a PhD in Physics from Manchester University and is a Fellow of CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants).