Agile Digital Services Skills in the Public Sector

Geof Ellingham

Presenter: Geof Ellingham

Track: Digital Services

Session Type: Workshop

Geof Ellingham has spent thirty years in technology and education, most recently as a Head of IT within local government  He joined the Agile Business Consortium in 2016 to help develop the Consortium’s offer to government, and is leading the Consortium’s development of a new training course and qualification to support the public sector in building its Agile knowledge and skills

The Agile Business Consortium is developing a new course and qualification bringing together the robust approach to Agile project management in AgilePM, with the user-centred approach to digital service evolution established by Government Digital Services (GDS) in the GOV.UK Service Manual.

Both elements of the new course are world-leading – AgilePM is the no 1 Agile project management qualification, and the UK has topped the OECD digital government tables repeatedly.

However, this is the first attempt to bring the two together – and the resulting course, “AgilePM and Digital Services” is now part way through beta testing within central government, local government and the NHS.

Find out what we’ve learned from beta testing and user research, contribute your knowledge and insight to our final iteration, and find out how you can use the new qualification to build deeper, more consistent skills within your workforce.