Agile Conference 2017

Day 1 Presentations
Chris Roebuck – Optimising your ability to deliver personal and Organisational success via just 2 simple steps I CARE Leadership Enabling Agile Success
Steve Morlidge – Beyond Budgeting
Paul Shepheard – Ideas to Production, Safely in a Day
Becky Davis – Agile Transformation – What does that really mean
Patrick Dixon – Global Trends on Retail Supply Change
Anne Rod and Nairy McMahon – Creating systems-inspired leaders and teams
Jeremy Renwick – The Minimum Viable Organisation
Katie and David Taylor – Fast Track Behavioural Change to deliver 3 times more
Hugh Wallace – Digital Public Services
Jai Whiting – Adapting a traditional TV business to the digital consumer
Anna Urbaniak & Christine Hull – Digital Product Delivery Model at John Lewis

Day 2 Presentations
Peter Measey – Top Transformation Issues and How to Solve Them
Anne Rod & Nairy McMahon – Creating Intelligent Change
Kathy Berkidge – Mindful Agile
Geof Ellingham – ABC Digital Workshop
Roly Stimson – Lean Governance of Agile Digital Service Delivery Projects
Stephen Grafton – The Alchemy of Enterprise Agility
Dan North – Business Agility Transformation Clinic

  • The conference has struck a really good balance between theory and practice it’s been very real and having lots of case studies has been very helpful.

    Katharina Shedlackova
  • There’s a massive opportunity to learn from various areas of expertise and a plethora of different organisations, there are loads of insights that you can get from coming to this event. As someone who’s leading a lot of transformations in the UK there’s so much insight I’m getting, which I can take back and it’ll benefit my clients.

    Vikram Jain
  • Roundtables are very valuable to get different people’s perspectives, I think that interactive nature has worked really well.

    Joost de Jonge
  • The balance between the theoretical frameworks around their agile business, agility and the applied application of it has been wonderful. I think there have been many and with smaller companies trying new things, experimenting with new tooling. The ability to choose from different streams between strategy between a more delivery and people focus.

    Joost de Jonge
  • It helps bridge the sense of community, so there is a lot of interaction, there’s a lot of conversations taking place around the formal sessions, creating that community. Building a level of possibilities with case studies and what people are achieving in their organisations. Inspiring people to go back and see whether they can achieve the same outcomes in their organisations.

    Peter Singline
  • It’s given me a pillar of inspiration that I can go back to HSBC and talk about  how other companies are working in an agile development with working methodologies and the practices. It’s really inspirational when you hear that other companies are on the same journey as you. You don’t feel that you’re doing it alone. There are other companies on that journey and they are failing in the same places as you are, there’s a lot of lessons to be learnt. 

    Cheryl Razzell