Agile Conference 2012

Thanks to everyone who helped to make ABC¹⁰ a great success – Speakers, Sponsors and very importantly the Delegates who came to London from far and wide.

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Day 1 – Effective contract metrics for delivering business value – Susan Atkinson Gabrielle Benefield

Day 1 – An Introduction to Scrum – Andrew Craddock

Day 1 – The Agile PMO – Jennifer Stapleton and Julia Godwin

Day 1 – Agile Retrospectives Is Agile solving more problems that it is creating? – Laurence Wood and Chris Pratt

Day 1 – The DSDM Agile Project Framework for Scrum

Day 1 – An Agile Approach to Delivering Complex Change in the Public Sector – Andrew Austin-Hancock and James Findlay

Day 1 – “You can’t get there from here” Are you ready for yor Agile journey – Dragan Jojic

Day 1 – The Eleven Essential Behaviours of Successful Agile Teams – Colin Weaver

Day 1 – Agile Out-Sourcing – Making it Work for Customers and Suppliers – Ian Spence and Gareth Richardson

Day 1 – Plenary Keynote How Agile Maturity is Needed – Richard August and lan De Ste Croix

Day 1 – Making Estimation Easier and Better – Keith Richards Day 1 – Using Scrum in Escalation (Support and Maintenance) Teams – Tony Giaracuni and James Bruce

Day 1 – The FBI Sentinel Project – Brian Wernham  

Day 2 – Plenary Keynote Agile – Supercharged: Scaling Agile as a Business Change Tool – James Yoxall and Kevin Heery

Day 2 – Overcoming Self-organisation Blocks – Andrea Provaglio

Day 2 – Agile development in highly regulated environments – Nick Clare and Brian Tucker

Day 2 – Are we throwing the baby out with the bath water? – Frances Scarff

Day 2 – Aviva GI: Architecture as a key driver for Agile Success – Ben Isotta-Riches and Janet Randall

Day 2 – Agile Governance: not just more of the same – Dan North

Day 2 – An Agile Reality for a Retail Banking Client

Day 2 – Enhancing the Governance Experience – Nigel Wilson

Day 2 – Patterns for Scaling Agile methods and Teams – Julian Holmes

Day 2 – Plenary Keynote The Agile Software Factory – John Flenley Day 2 – Using Corporate Social Media for Agile Adoption Success – Julian Holmes

Day 2 – The Myths and Dangers of Agile – Keith Richards

Day 2 – Agile Programme Managment From The Coal Face A Case Study from a Japenses Investment Bank

Day 2 – Sleeping in Seattle, but wide awake in Walsall: how to make distributed teams work – Dot Tudor