Agile Conference 2011

Agile Business Conference 2011

Lee Street, a Development Manager from Companies House in Cardiff said:
I have just returned from the Agile Conference 2011, I’d like to congratulate you all for an outstanding gathering of worldwide Agile personnel. It was a great event’

We were delighted that 93% of delegates voted the conference either excellent or good and said that it met their objectives.

Download the Presentations.
If you would like to download the presentations and other output from the sessions, please select from the list below.

Download The Myths and Dangers of Agile! Keynote Keith Richards KRC

Download A Practical Guide to Governance of Enterprise-Scale Agile Projects John Wright IndigoBlue

Download Agile Training and Professional Certification Options Explained David Hicks RADTAC

Download Organisational Transformation to the use of DSDM Atern for Project Management and Delivery Andrew Craddock NLighten

Download Designing and Implementing a Successful Agile Initiative David Hicks RADTAC

Download Are You Ready For Agile? John McNeill TATA Consultancy Services

Download 5 Lessons From Agile In The Huge Keynote Mark Smith Lamri

Download Delivering Agile in Government; Learning Leassons from the Commercial Sector Keynote  Jerrett Myers & James Yoxall

Download Facilitated Agile Clinic Julia Godwin

Download Hunting PANDA to Extinction Julian Holmes and Arun Zachariah

Download Agile Transformation at Barclays Bank Lubiana Manji and Dragan Jojic

Download IT is from Flatland, Business is from Spaceland Mark Smalley

Download The Big IT Picture White Paper Mark Smalley

Download Agile Learning Sets Peter Stansbury and Kathryn Stansbury

Download Agile Project Governance Chris Davies and Andrew Craddock

Download Transforming an Organisation Our Agile Journey Presentation Stephen Grafton & Peter Measey

Download Disciplined Agile Delivery In A Nutshell Mark Lines

Download Creating an Environment of Teamwork Quality, Innovation and Fun Matthew Caine

Download Scaling Agile – Productivity Versus Utilisation Margaret Morgan and Helen Meek

Download Making Cornwell Agile Allan Kelly and Michael Barritt

Download User Involvement – The Right Way Arie van Bennekum

Download Liberating the Essence from the Burden of the Whole: “A Renaissance in Lean Thinking” Keynote Dr Ivar Jaclobson

Download Balancing The Corporate Need For Predictability With Project Agility Dave Lyon

Download A Contract Model for Agile & Lean Susan Atikinson

Download The Agile Improvement Method Andrew Griffiths

Download Cultural Barriers Identification and Removal Michael Stephenson and Tim Daly

Download Building Effective Backlogs Ian Spence

Download Magic Estimation Workshop Peter Measey

Download From Mountain to Molehill – Saving Millions With Agile Programme Managment Dr Bill Nicholas

Dowload Agile – Creating A Culture of Value Quality, and Feedback Karl Scotland