A real-life solution to real-life problems of an IT Manager

Session Type: Roundtable

Host: Bisser Ivanov

Do you want to know what Portfolio Kanban, Monte Carlo and Jira have in common? At this roundtable, I’ll present a step-by-step Agile transformation case study through the eyes of an IT Manager. It will aim to offer an alternative, yet complementary, perspective of the traditional utilisation of bug-tracking software tools by covering a wide array of challenges at various levels in the organisation and exploring a real-life solution to real-life problems. Those problems require immediate attention so that we gain flexibility, resilience and economic competitive advantage.

The topics to be covered are:

– A new way to plan our projects;

– A new way to organize teams;

– A new way to forecast and make decisions;

– A new way to be predictable on the company level.

Join me!

COO and Co-founder of Kanbanize, Bisser is a strategic thought leader and Lean and Kanban practitioner with 18 years experience of delivering advanced solutions and implementing technical and business strategies for billion-dollar corporations. Bisser’s technical expertise and effective leadership skills have been crucial for the development and growth of companies like ProSyst – Bosch Group, SAP and Software AG to which he has devoted most of his professional career. He has a diverse experience in innovation with a focus on developing flexible, scalable solutions to drive organizational growth, performance and profitability. He is a passionate entrepreneur eager for new technologies and continuous improvement.