Extra Activities

To enrich your Conference programme, we have scheduled two interactive game/play sessions both scheduled for day two of the Conference:

09:50 – 12:10 Power of Serious Play for effective Change – Led by Parag and supported by Rod
13:10 – 15:30 Game of Collaboration – Led by Rod and supported by Parag









Speaker Name: Parag Gogate

An experienced and proven senior leader passionate about helping organisations, teams and individuals improve their change capability and agility, Parag has been involved with a multitude of business transformation programmes and projects in multi-national, complex and fast-changing business environments. He is a member of Agile Business Consortium’s Culture & Leadership group working towards developing the Agile Business Change Framework. He is also a committee member of APM’s Enabling Change Specific Interest Group where he leads Research & Innovation. Parag is a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® certified facilitator, holds an MBA from Durham University Business School as well as various professional Agile, change, programme and project certifications.

Session Title: Power of Serious Play for Effective Change

Track: Culture and Leadership / Strategy & Transformation

Session Type: Serious Play Session

How can you begin to understand the “real” requirements of sponsors and stakeholders, create a shared understanding and enable engagement, whilst having fun working with some of the most complex change initiatives? In this two-hour interactive session, participants will be introduced to the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method. 

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is not just about playing with LEGO® bricks, but is a powerful tool that combines visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic learning styles. This tool is designed to enable innovation, create shared understanding and enhance business performance. Developed by LEGO® and used by some of the world’s top companies and organisations, this innovative and strategic method is proven and tested to solve complex organisational challenges whilst delivering extraordinary results.

From understanding stakeholders, to creating shared understanding for organisational change, and developing strategy to assess the current state of change, this method has endless applications.

Join us to experience the power of serious play!











Speaker Name: Rod Willis

Rod is the co-founder of Assentire Ltd, creator of the ‘Innovation Audit 3.0’, a framework designed to enhance collaboration through Agile learning practice, and creator of the ‘Collaboration Game’. Rod integrates HC Analytics with ‘Continuous Improvement’ and ‘Agile Learning’ strategies to bring about lasting behavioural change across organisations.

He is an APECS Executive Coach, and spent > 25 years in HiTech, working in Blue-Chip companies, establishing high performing multi-cultural teams. His philosophy is one of Continuous Improvement guided by Appreciative Inquiry and Peer-Coaching. His passion is Accelerating Collaboration Everywhere™.

Session Title: The Game of Collaboration

Track: Culture and Leadership

Session Type: Serious Game Session

Do you need to collaborate and build high performing teams?

In this 2-hour interactive session, participants will discover how to enhance collaboration and build high-performing teams by playing a Game of Collaboration.

Groups and teams often have a sense they can work more effectively together; however, they don’t typically have a common language to take advantage of this. Accelerating Collaboration Everywhere™ framework provides a common language through which groups can articulate and explore their behaviours, thoughts, feelings and what they are sensing, enabling the group to develop the skills and drive needed to become more Agile and collaborative. This results in improved productivity and performance.

Games enhance collaboration

By playing this game, those interested in Agile team development come to understand a new framework and vocabulary that explores the three dimensions – Learning Dynamic, Control Dynamic and Environment Dynamic.

Join us and Let’s Get Collaborating!