Our theme: Creating Generation Agile

The world is changing ever faster – that is now indisputable. It’s almost universally accepted that we need to work differently to be adaptive, responsive, and more Agile. What happens, then, when we shift our perspective and ask, “Are we preparing our young people to be successful and effective in an uncertain world?”
Are we taking a responsible view and creating Generation Agile?
This challenge will be the focus of the two-day Agile Business Conference on 26 & 27 September 2018. Experts will explore what is being done, and what should be done, through the lenses of people, strategy and projects. All three are needed to create new and holistic ways of working; equipping the next generation for the business environment of the future.


155 Bishopsgate


Wednesday and Thursday
26 & 27 September 2018

Conference Countdown

People track

“Leadership is not about the next election, it’s about the next generation.”
Simon Sinek, Visionary Thinker

Are traditional routes to learning fit for purpose in a world where “the things we need to know” are changing day to day, and more people are moving into careers that simply did not exist five years ago? Millennials are now the largest age group in the workplace. They expect flexibility in how they work, and the freedom to act within a context of transparency and authenticity. How important then is knowledge, compared to the ability to collaborate, learn from others, and flex to changing circumstance?

Strategy track

“It’s time to optimize our economy for the human beings it’s supposed to be serving.”
Doug Rushkoff, Author

The traditional five-year plan is now dead in the water. Traditionally, chief executives have been expected to look ahead and predict what the future will bring. Now Artificial Intelligence is disrupting whole industries, Gallup is showing remote working up from 39% to 43% in just four years, and streamed data and real-time analytics are prompting ever faster decision making. How can organisations improve agility and approach development strategies in a more Agile way?

Delivery track

“The future isn’t a place. It’s a set of tools.”
David Weinberger, Author

In today’s world, strategic success relies on effective delivery. Businesses need to innovate and respond to a constantly shifting environment, yet still ensure appropriate control. Project, programme and portfolio management are critical skills – the essential route to making strategy reality. Agile methods such as Scrum, Lean, XP, DevOps, Kanban and AgilePM are fast becoming the norm, and are used across the full range of business functions. What are the latest developments in this field, and how are Agile practices changing? These are critical issues that individuals and organisations need to engage with to forge an effective way forward. We need to pave the way for Generation Agile.

The Agile Business Conference

The Agile Business Conference is the longest running Agile conference in the world, a major, two-day annual event which provides a single forum for everyone interested in the application of Agile, or moving towards an Agile way of working. This unique gathering of influential Agile practitioners and leaders also brings together senior professionals predominantly from the UK and Europe, including C-suite executives, directors and managers.

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