80 Minutes per game and a maximum of 8 Participants

Day 2 Morning at 10.15 – 11.50

Day 2 Afternoon at 13.30 – 14.45

The game will be hosted by Mike Harris


Mike Harris
Mike Harris

The best way to retain knowledge isn’t sitting in a classroom or reading reports – it’s actively putting the principles you want to learn into practice. The Kanban Game is the easiest way to pick up and sustain the use of Lean principles.

Why Lean?

The focus of Lean is on maximising user value and minimising waste. The benefits are proven to hold great value for any software development team or organisation:

  • Identify bottlenecks in productivity
  • Increase efficiency and time-to-market
  • Improve communication
  • Improve response time to changes
  • Effectively and efficiently utilise resources

Maximising Business Value through Lean Software Engineering Session is built around the Kanban Game. With this simulation, attendees will have a truly hands-on experience with Lean principles, reinforcing the lessons for sustained momentum moving forward with a fun experience of playing a game at the same time!


Michael Harris has more than 30 years of broad management experience in the IT field, including periods in R&D, development, production, business, and academia.

An author and speaker on a range of topics related to the Value Visualization of IT, Michael is considered a thought leader in the international software development industry.